DCMDDirection de la Coopération Militaire et de Défense (French: Directorate of Military Cooperation and Defence)
DCMDDefense Contract Management District
DCMDDominant Cystoid Macular Dystrophy
DCMDDecontamination and Consequence Management Division (US EPA)
DCMDDescending Contralateral Motion Detector (neurology)
DCMDDistrict of Columbia Military District
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Modeling and simulation of DCMD could be useful for understanding transport mechanism.
Monte Carlo simulation model has been applied to describe water flux in DCMD (21).
The aim of current study is to simulate water desalination using DCMD.
Physical and transport properties required for simulation of DCMD process are calculated elsewhere (24).
In this work, the simulation results are compared with the experimental data reported in literature for water desalination using DCMD process (9), The comparisons between experimental and simulation results are listed in Table 3.
In DCMD process, hydrodynamics of process is of great importance and should be taken into account for simulation of process.
In this work, hydrodynamics of DCMD is investigated by solving the Navter-stokes equation.
Moreover, temperature difference is the driving force for transport of water vapor in DCMD process.