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So the DCMF is a kind of lifeline for any journalist in need?
MORE SUPPORT NEEDED The report was compiled after a delegation from DCMF travelled to Kenya and Uganda - the two biggest hubs for refugees in the region - to document the situation of East African exiled journalists.
The meeting was held at the DCMF in collaboration with different organisations and agencies.
The DCMF report begins by detailing the threat of impunity before going on to explore the significance of this threat, the challenges countering it, the tangible impact of impunity and the ways in which organisations such as DCMF can work within a multi-stakeholder framework to curb the spread of impunity.
We feel it is similarly important to provide our students with all possible means to prepare to face the challenges ahead and to deal properly with different forms of media," declared Badr Jassim al Hay, director of education and students care in Aspire Academy, upon signing the pact with the Director General of DCMF M Jan Keulen.
The new premises provide adequate technical support for the centre's various programmes and will enable DCMF to more effectively continue its mission to promote media freedom and access to information.
DCMF Director-General Jan Keulen said: "The 'Train the Trainers' workshop is of special importance due to its reliance on sharing of expertise and adoption of best professional practices.
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the DCMF Abdel Jalil el-Alami said the centre has always deplored assaults and attacks on journalists, regardless of their nationalities.
DCMF is a non-profit organisation working for press freedom and quality of journalism in Qatar, the Arab region and the world.
DCMF yesterday welcomed Qatar's efforts to address issues related to illegal online activity through approval of cybercrime law number 14 of 2014.
DCMF Director-General Jan Keulen described the training as "comprehensive capacity-building programme that would benefit journalists, media organisations and the media landscape, in general.
at DCMF for three months earlier this year, reporting on violations of media freedom in Palestine.