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DCMPDirection Centrale des Marchés Publics (French: Central Directorate of Procurement; Senegal)
DCMPDescribed and Captioned Media Program (US Department of Education and National Association of the Deaf)
DCMPDilated Cardiomyopathy (myocardial disease)
DCMPDeoxycytidine Monophosphate (nucleotide)
DCMPDelaware Coastal Management Program (Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control)
DCMPDivision of Condensed Matter Physics (American Physical Society; College Park, MD)
DCMPData Collection Management Plan (US DoD)
DCMPDeoxycytosine Monophosphate (nucleotide)
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For individual patient samples, we calculated bias as the difference from the DCMP creatinine concentration.
The DCMP method results (mean and expanded uncertainty) were 0.
Difference plots for the biases observed between routine creatinine measurement procedures and the DCMP are shown for apparently healthy controls and hemolyzed and delayed sample processing (Fig.
The decrease in the torque in the case of the samples containing DCMP, DBTDL and different quantities of VS is faster than for the sample containing only the initiator and the catalyst, but is not so apparent.
An important decrease in the viscosity of the samples can be observed when a small quantity of DCMP is added, for the samples PPb and PPa, with MFI values of 8 and 48, respectively.