DCNDLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Corporate Network
DCNDirection des Constructions Navales (France)
DCNData Communication Network
DCNDocument Control Number
DCNDeclaration Control Number
DCNDocument Change Notice
DCNDorsal Cochlear Nucleus (neurology)
DCNDesigning Cisco Networks
DCNDesign Change Notice
DCNDistributed Computer Network
DCNDigital Communications Network
DCNData Consortium Namespace
DCNdata link coordination net (US DoD)
DCNDrawing Change Notice
DCNData-Link Coordination Net
DCNDelivery Center Network
DCNDefense Communications Network
DCNDisaster Contractor Network
DCNData Control Network
DCNDiabetes Control Network
DCNDimensional Controller Nodes (Xiotech)
DCNDance Camp North (UK)
DCNDriveClone Network
DCNDouble Check Negotiation (Social Security)
DCNData Change Notice
DCNDoctor of Clinical Nutrition (degree program)
DCNDeepCyberNet (internet hosting provider)
DCNDistrict Communication Network (Afghanistan)
DCNDirect Connect Newsletter (Intel)
DCNDigital China Networks, Ltd. (China)
DCNDivision du Combustible Nucléaire (French: Division of Nuclear Fuel; nuclear energy industry)
DCNDesert Communications Network (California Amateur Radio Group)
DCNDevelop Community Network (Mexico)
DCNDevelopmental Cognitive Neuropsychology
DCNDesign Communicate Network (Germany)
DCNData Consult Nord (Danish: Data Consult North)
DCNData Center Networking
DCNDAF (Van Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek) Club Nederland (Dutch car club)
DCNDancube Network (website)
DCNDuct Cleaners' Network (Bowie, MD)
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Through the addition of DCN Cables, Southwire said it will now offer 24-hour turn around and an expansive, customised offering of receptacles, color choices and variable cable lengths built to fit specific customer requirements.
Southwire Company LLC, a North America-based wire and cable producer, has acquired DCN Cables of Youngsville, North Carolina, a company involved in manufacturing power whips for mission critical facilities.
DCN selected Centina Systems' NetOmnia for its dynamic, modular architecture that enables DCN to meet the stringent SLAs required by Tier 1 mobile operators.
Since overall effectiveness for DCN publishers was 67% higher, and inventory quality was 11% higher (50% divided by 45%), it implies that premium publishers drive 51% higher effectiveness due to the halo effect.
If a taxpayer did not file DCN 184, 186,187, or 192 for tax year 2014, it can file these method changes for tax year 2015, as long as the IRS has not notified it of, or it is not under, an audit.
There is huge public support for the simple and straightforward DCN, already in use in Scotland and Northern Ireland, which avoids both the need for a prior written warning and the complicated definition required by CPNs.
The supporting technology of DCN interconnection can be generally classified into three categories: electrical switching [1], hybrid electrical/optical switching [4, 5], and optical switching [6-9].
The DCN 3000 extends Echelon's proven, reliable grid technology with increased computing power and flexibility, establishing a more intelligent communication infrastructure between grid devices and the utility head-end through a variety of wireless and fixed connectivity options.
When DCN first was launched, accessing HIE information required physicians to leave their practice EHR systems and log into a portal.
D C Norris (DCN) presented the Jet Cook System, which incorporates all the advanced features of DCN cooking technology into one universal system.
D C Norris & Company (DCN) launched the latest addition to their range of Cook-Chill products - The DCN Tumble Heater 75 at Anuga Food Tec.
Because the DCN model identifies only a money shock, there are few questions one can ask about the model.