DCNCDalmatian Club of Northern California
DCNCDevelopment Coordination Network Committee (India)
DCNCDucati Club Nouvelle Calédonie (French: New Caledonia Ducati Club; New Caledonia)
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DCNC takes advantage of high-performance service routing, switching and optical transport capabilities so clients can address the demanding requirements of the financial services, health care and media sectors, where speed and bandwidth capacity are crucial to delivering services.
Este resultado ratifica los cambios observados en la DCNC al coincidir ambas tendencias (Cuadros 1 y 4).
KCl] DCNC (cm) SC SN SC SN SC SN SC SN 0-3 1,4 1,4 5,4 5,4 4,3 4,7 -1,1 -0,7 Ab Ac Aa Aa Ba Aa Ba Ab 3-6 1,5 1,8 5,3 5,3 4,2 4,8 -1,1 -0,5 Bb Ab Aa Aa Ba Aa Ba Aa 6-10 1,9 2,2 5,3 5,2 4,3 4,8 -1,0 -0,4 Ba Aa Aa Aa Ba Aa Ba Aa Letras distintas denotan diferencias estadisticas significativas segun la prueba MDS (P [menor que o igual a] 0,05).