DCOEDefense Centers of Excellence (US DoD)
DCOEDiabetes Center of Excellence (Phoenix, AZ)
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Using Shunra, the DCOE is now able to address the real world scenarios their customers face by applying a replica of the customer's actual wide area network to the testing phase, enabling customers to understand the exact end user experience before rollout.
The Microsoft UK DCOE is a dedicated resource which provides workshop style sessions for customers and partners to review their current deployment processes, short and longer term application performance goals, deployment hurdles, and perceived deployment issues, then relate these to the 'art of the possible', Microsoft deployment's best practices and infrastructure roadmap.
The DCOE, going through an 'environment refresh,' needed to extend their capabilities to provide demonstrations of solutions which addressed the real world scenarios their customers were facing, including: deployment and management of applications in branch and remote environments; network impairments; and reduced bandwidth and resources.
The DCOE chose Shunra VE as their core WAN emulation tool.
The Shunra STN forms a fundamental component of our new DCOE environment.
This mission is to a synthesis of the environmental issues of the operation,write records DCOE work environment,to assist the client to the environmental analysis of corporate deals in the bidding,to perform regular monitoring of sites (visits) to verify the effectiveness of the provisions implemented to enforce environmental policy defined, including compliance with regulatory and legal requirements, and to achieve environmental objectives,to assist the client in his actions relationships with third parties regarding the completion of the work,advise the supervisor to manage unforeseen or accidental situations that might arise in the course of carrying out the work,to conduct periodic assessments of the performance of the work.
The DCOE, staffed by experts from the recently acquired S3 Partners organization, provides enterprises and litigation teams with flexible, strategic services for collecting electronic data.
John Loveland, vice president and executive director of the DCOE at Fios said, "We are excited about being the first in the legal industry to form a center of excellence focused on making the electronic discovery process more seamless, economical and defensible.