DCOLDoesn't Count on Location (showbusiness slang)
DCOLDiagnostic Clinic of Longview (Longview, TX)
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For this, the first of several projects with DCOL, Globalink will dedicate a team of professionals from its 2,000-member translator network and employ its innovative language translation software, to translate DCOL's Olympic-themed special event into Spanish.
To form the affiliation, DCOL will enter into a merger agreement with a subsidiary of Community Health Systems, Inc.
One of the largest independent multi-specialty practices in East Texas, DCOL has gained a reputation in its market area as the premier physician group offering excellent medical care and customer service.
The forward-thinking physicians at DCOL have always been pioneers in their field," said Jim Kendrick, chief executive officer of Longview Regional Medical Center.
I am proud of how DCOL has evolved over the years, and the opportunity we have now through this affiliation with Longview Regional," said John Greifenkamp, M.
The partnership will strengthen a long-standing relationship and further DCOL and LRMC's shared commitment to provide high-quality care for their patients.
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