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DCOMDistributed Component Object Model (Microsoft)
DCOMDisney Channel Original Movie
DCOMDeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (Harrogate, TN)
DCOMDigital Communication (course title)
DCOMDeputy Commander
DComDoctor of Commerce
DCOMDistrict Committee on Ministry
DCOMDuPree College of Management (Georgia Tech)
DCOMDepartment of Command
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1 billion in assets, DCOM is a Brooklyn, NY based thrift holding company whose sole subsidiary is Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh, operates 26 branches in the New York City metropolitan area.
b) solution for data center operation and management of IS DCOM applications (including applications for internal agenda municipalities) provided through a SS solution for IS support systems (DCOM access interface management and governance approaches and identities, Service Desk, knowledge management, customer relationship management , automated management of payments, eLearning, e-mail, website community);
The biggest hindrance to DNA's widespread adoption is that Microsoft has said it will not sanction the creation of DNA for use on third party platforms like its on/off/on support for DCOM on Unix.
Like many of its peers, DCOM has benefitted from a steep yield curve and easing of competitive pressures related to deposit pricing and conduits leaving the NYC real estate lending market.