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DCOPDeputy Chief of Party
DCOPDesktop Communications Protocol
DCOPDeputy Chief of Police
DCOPDetailed Checkout Procedures (NASA)
DCOPDeputy Chief of Operations
DCOPDisplays, Controls and Operations Procedures (NASA)
DCOPDivision of Counseling Psychology (British Psychological Society)
DCOPDayton Clinical Oncology Program (Ohio)
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Incidentally, the DCOP was formed when friends ran a sick docksman's business until he recovered and they initiated a club for the promotion of friendship in business and private.
2) Annual regular, preventative & breakdown maintenance for route relay Inter-locking signaling & telecommunication system with other modern equipments, of S & T with panel operated crossing points of newly installed DPL/DPPS Railway infrastructure (MGR & Post tippler lines) starting from DCOP West Cabin and back and part job No.
Work with the COP and DCOP on reporting for both USAID, and the corporate office.