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DCOPDeputy Chief of Party
DCOPDesktop Communications Protocol
DCOPDeputy Chief of Police
DCOPDetailed Checkout Procedures (NASA)
DCOPDeputy Chief of Operations
DCOPDisplays, Controls and Operations Procedures (NASA)
DCOPDivision of Counseling Psychology (British Psychological Society)
DCOPDayton Clinical Oncology Program (Ohio)
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The agency also began working more closely with DCOP on construction of new federal highways, providing survey and logistical support for the Tuxpan-Tampico, Conejos-Huatusco, and Cordoba-Veracruz roads, among others.
In 1948, when Hernandez renewed his deal with the state, DCOP wrote a nineteenpage contract that dictated specific terms for the relationship, from construction timelines and requirements for expected progress to setting price levels for labour and material charges.
DCOP assigned Hernandez's engineering firm to build the road.
Incidentally, the DCOP was formed when friends ran a sick docksman's business until he recovered and they initiated a club for the promotion of friendship in business and private.
Currently, RMas-Bench has a generic API for DCOP algorithms together with reference implementations of state-of-the-art solvers, such as DSA (Fitzpatrick and Meetrens 2003) and MaxSum (Farinelli et al.
We will describe complete and incomplete algorithms that have DCOP counterparts for each class.
However, the size of the messages and the memory requirement of each agent are exponential in the induced width of the DCOP.
The key idea is that agents within small DCOP subgraphs optimize such that no group of k or fewer agents can possibly improve the solution; we define this type of local optimum as a k-optimum.
This problem can be represented as a DCOP graph, where constraints exist between nearby sensors, and there are no constraints between faraway sensors.
Work with the COP and DCOP on reporting for both USAID, and the corporate office.
Finally, applying the developed EC methods to deal with DCOPs in rail networks is also one key aspect of this project.