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DCPMData Centre Performance Management (Nlyte Software; UK)
DCPMDirect Current Permanent Magnet (electric motor)
DCPMDivision of Contracts and Procurement Management (various organizations)
DCPMDivision of Community and Preventive Medicine (Maine Medical Center)
DCPMDynamic Cost Per Mille (advertising)
DCPMData Center Project Manager
DCPMDesarrollo y Consultoria Pro Mundis (Spanish: Development and Consulting Pro-Mundis; Granada, Spain)
DCPMDirecteur de la Communication et de la Presse Ministérielle (French: Communications Director and Press Ministerial)
DCPMData Center Predictive Modeling (Romonet)
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It is important to note that DCPM is a tax pass-through entity.
20 DCPM is the cutoff for Instructional placement), they are not available for or applicable to the experimenter-created probes.
The Sentilla DCPM platform combines sophisticated performance analysis with on-going "what-if" scenarios designed to optimize capacity planning, modernization, virtualization, and power consumption initiatives.
DCPM benefits from its position as one of the nation's leading gas processors, strong cash flow generation, a highly discretionary capital program and relatively low leverage when compared to its peer group.
The rating action affects approximately $3 billion of debt at DCPM.
The company's DCPM suite, nlyte, is the first fully integrated and fully functional data center performance management suite, bringing new efficiencies to all aspects of data center management.
The nlyte Discover Module can automatically scan the data center network to discover physical assets and their properties, and automatically populates the nlyte DCPM Database.
Since DCPM is unhedged there is no lag in profitability when and if commodity markets rebound.
The company's DCPM suite also received accolades from customers worldwide.
DCPM is one of the leading gatherers of natural gas and is one of the largest producers of NGLs in North America.
The DCPM Process Cycle uses six steps (Discover, Visualize, Model, Control, Report, and Predict) to help data center personnel get control of their data centers and make informed decisions for the planning and effective management of their IT assets and infrastructure.