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DCPMData Centre Performance Management (Nlyte Software; UK)
DCPMDirect Current Permanent Magnet (electric motor)
DCPMDivision of Contracts and Procurement Management (various organizations)
DCPMDivision of Community and Preventive Medicine (Maine Medical Center)
DCPMDynamic Cost Per Mille (advertising)
DCPMData Center Project Manager
DCPMDesarrollo y Consultoria Pro Mundis (Spanish: Development and Consulting Pro-Mundis; Granada, Spain)
DCPMDirecteur de la Communication et de la Presse Ministérielle (French: Communications Director and Press Ministerial)
DCPMData Center Predictive Modeling (Romonet)
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Individual screening results were: (a) Melinda-64 DCPM on AIMSweb probes, 7 DCPM on fraction probes, (b) Danielle-42 DCPM on AIMSweb probes, 2 DCPM on fraction probes, and (c) Jason-50 DCPM on AIMSweb probes, 7 DCPM on fraction probes.
DCPM will use the raised funds from the offering to repay part of its existing USD800m of senior notes due in August 2010.
Based on previous research (Deno & Mirkin, 1977; Shapiro, 1996), and consistent with the mean peer performance, the frustration level was defined as less than 10 DCPM, the instructional level as between 10 and 19 DCPM, and the fluent level as more than 19 DCPM with fewer than 2 errors.
DCPM owns or operates gathering systems in seven major natural gas producing regions: Permian, Mid-Continent, East Texas-North Louisiana, South Texas, Central Texas, as well as the Piceance and Barnett Shale basins.
In combination with our DCPM, we can provide a complete view of the power capacity usage by service providers and give them tools to analyze, simulate and reduce their carbon footprint.
These data indicate that slope performance for on-task and DCPM were higher in intervention compared to baseline for all participants.
The ability to gain insight and drive performance throughout the data center will be imperative for ACS and our DCPM Suite will enable them to do just that," said Jon Temple, President and CEO of nlyte Software.
The nlyte DCPM solution integration to VMware vCenter Server provides us with the information we need to monitor Virtual Machines and their physical dependencies in our IT environment.
DCPM is one of the leading gatherers of natural gas and is one of the largest producers of NGLs in North America.
Revenues Increase 130%; DCPM Emerges as Essential Solution for Lowering Costs, Improving Data Center Efficiencies
The company's DCPM suite, nlyte, is the first fully integrated and fully functional data center performance management suite, bringing new efficiencies to all aspects of data center management.