DCPTDynamic Cone Penetration Test
DCPTDual Continuum Particle Tracker
DCPTDynamic Cell Packet Transport (3Com)
DCPTDiploma in Chemical Process Technology
DCPTDevon and Cornwall Probation Trust (UK)
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Table 1: The Cartesian coordinates of the various (DCPT) sounding depths and basement roof elevations DCPT X (m) Y Altitudes Depths Basement (m) (m) roof elevations (m) DCPT1 6011.
Anyone who buys one of the titles is entitled to be called Sir or Dame as long as they put KCPT, or for females DCPT, after their names.
It is a condition that the bidder can boot work immediately after the contract signing (see schedule in the tender documents) since starting the project on DCPT (Danish Centre for Particle Therapy) started up in Q4 2015.