DCPUDistrict Child Protection Unit (India)
DCPUDouble Cabin Pick up
DCPUDual Cpu
DCPUDouble Cab Pick Up (Land Rover)
DCPUDisability Contact and Processing Unit (UK)
DCPUDistributable Cash per Unit
DCPUData Center Policy and Usage
DCPUDual Central Processing Unit (hardware)
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In each district, the DCPU shall maintain a register with names, addresses, and other contact details of interpreters, translators and special educators for the purpose of the Act so as to help the children.
Now that the terminology is changed into DCPU as proposed in the POCSO 2012, there is a need for better awareness on issues related to ICPS, JJ Amendment ACT 2006 and POCSO 2012 at various levels including Law enforcement agency, implementers and service providers.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Out soorce For DCPU Hingoli