DCQDublin Core Qualifiers
DCQDaily Contract Quantity (UK Sales Gas)
DCQWalt Disney Co. (stock symbol)
DCQDamage Control Quarters (US Navy)
DCQDobermann Club of Queensland (Queensland, Australia)
DCQDisability Council of Queensland (disability services; est. 2007; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
DCQDakota Cabin Quilts (Hettinger, ND)
DCQDesert Channels Queensland (Australia)
DCQDistrict Centre du Québec (French: Quebec Disrict Center; Quebec, Canada)
DCQDémocratie Chrétienne du Québec (French: Christian Democracy in Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
DCQDebt Collection Queensland (Australia)
DCQDepartamento de Ciencias Químicas (Spanish: Department of Chemistry)
DCQDaily Christian Quotations
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DCQ managed to block the growth of the cancer cells in the petri dish.
Some of the mice were treated with the DCQ drug, and the growth of the tumor was monitored on a weekly basis.
This technology has enabled DCQ to manage massive prickly acacia infestations in areas of Queensland that have previously been inaccessible, and I congratulate them on their important work.
In 24 patients (5 treatment failures and 19 successful treatment) with measured CQ and DCQ drug levels, median (and range) of whole blood levels of CQ and its major metabolite, DCQ after initiation of therapy on Day 0, 7 and 8 were 0 (0-2618), 725 (442-3423) and 78 (0-2114), respectively (Fig.
Experiences suggest that a well-designed and constructed sewerage system shows a relatively lower DCQ.
Between 2002 and 2007, DCQ became the largest regional organisation with more than 20 full-time staff.
In recent years it has supported greater alignment and cooperation between regional initiatives, including through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Desert Channels Queensland with respect to communication, clarity of roles and the external benefits of articulating a 'collective regional voice' (RAPAD & DCQ 2004).
For the DSQ and DCQ, 10-15% of missing data is acceptable (Ehlers, personal communication, 2005), and the STAI-Y manual permits up to two missing items (Spielberger et al.
In contrast to the results on the DSQ, there were no gender differences in mean DCQ scores, t (96) = 1.
With the Illuminator data logger, we allow you to use your own PC, but with the DCQ profile plus system, we supply a hardened, industrial PC that's hidden in a cabinet made from extruded aluminum.
In explaining further the the Ambex DCQ system, Davis states, "There is a secondary, proportional modulating gas valve that has to be installed which goes in line after the first valve and before the burner.
The DCQ system is a Windows based, proprietary system which connects via USB to a hardware controller that logs data and can manipulate the gas-output valve every second.