DCRADepartment of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
DCRADependent Care Reimbursement Account
DCRADominion of Canada Rifle Association
DCRADepartment of Community and Regional Affairs
DCRADane County Regional Airport (Madison, WI)
DCRADown syndrome Critical Region gene A
DCRADunboyne Combined Residents Association
DCRADowntown Community Redevelopment Area
DCRADynamic Communications Resource Allocation
DCRADroits des Citoyens dans Leurs Relations avec les Administrations (French: Rights of Citizens in their Relations with the Administrations)
DCRADivision of Community and Regional Affairs (Alaska)
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The objective is to have the end user or Authorized Signatory input all of the data and view all the required training though the system, with only minimal requirements being vetted by DCRA personnel.
For instance, a property owner has paid over $30,000 in fines from DCRA and legal fees, while the tenant managed to forgo paying rent for over four years because they know their way around laws that are in favor of renters, and have connections to DCRA employees who are all too willing to walk them through the process of fighting against landlords.
Recently the DCRA has focused on vacant properties that are a potential blight on the community when neglected by owners in a down economy.
Our strategy for dealing with this problem is to have DCRA employees monitor ads for rental properties that go on the market, cross-reference our databases with Basic Business Licensing records and the Office of Tax and Revenue to enforce compliance.
Up until the early 1960s the majority of our members were military and so the history of the DCRA and the military is pretty well intertwined," says William Plouffe, the organization's Executive Director.
But her former boss, Carol Thompson, who headed DCRA for three years until 1986, did her one better.
In fact, a breadth of evidence shows that implementation of the DCRA will save the state millions in direct and indirect costs, just as it has in other states that have recently passed similar legislation.
The DCRA (SB113/HB#TBD) will require state-regulated insurance companies to cover diabetes education, equipment and supplies for Ohioans who have diabetes.
ATLANTA -- ATLANTA, March 25 /PRNewswire/ -- OFC, Booth# 2141 -- OFS, designer, manufacturer, and supplier of leading edge fiber optic products, today announced the RightWave(TM) MicroDK Small Form-Factor Dispersion Slope Compensating Module (DSCM) and Micro DCRA (Dispersion Compensating Raman Amplifier), the latest additions to the RightWave(TM) family of small-form devices from OFS' Specialty Photonics Division (SPD).
The DCRA provides important protections and guarantees to the over 442,000 people affected by diabetes in Michigan," said Martha M.
The portfolio was transferred to the AHFC on July 1, 1992 as part of recent legislation consolidating the operations, assets and liabilities of the Alaska State Housing Authority and the DCRA within the corporation.