DCRBDescriptive Cataloging of Rare Books
DCRBDistrict of Columbia Retirement Board
DCRBDelaware Compensation Rating Bureau, Inc.
DCRBDigital Cartographic Reference Base (Ministry of Transportation; Ontario, Canada)
DCRBDesign Change Review Board
DCRBDefined Contribution Retirement Benefit
DCRBDeborah Coltham Rare Books (UK)
DCRBDistrict Crime Records Bureau (India)
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2]' provides a necessary and sufficient condition for rational belief DCRB provides a sufficient condition for rational belief I will show that this is precisely the desired result.
First, DCRB should not provide a necessary condition for rational belief acceptance.
Revise the existing DCRB (Descriptive Cataloging of pare Books) rules based on newly-articulated general principles and on ten years' experience cataloging with them;
Minneapolis-based humanitarian-aid group American Refugee Committee previous week sold its Liberian microfinance bank, Liberty Finance, LLC to DCRB Investments.