DCRIDirection Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur
DCRIDuke Clinical Research Institute
DCRIData Center Reference Implementations
DCRIDirection de la Coopération et des Relations Internationales (French: Directorate of Cooperation and International Relations)
DCRIDel Condominium Rentals Incorporated (Toronto, ON, Canada)
DCRIDiversified Corporate Resources, Inc.
DCRIDepartment of Clinical Research Informatics (US NIH Clinical Center)
DCRIDental & Cosmetic Research Institute (India)
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The Exenatide Study of Cardiovascular Event Lowering (EXSCEL), also coordinated by the DCRI and University of Oxford, includes 14,000 randomized patients.
La cuarta demostracion es un ejemplo tipico de la DCRI y puede encontrarse en una serie de experimentos realizados por Donegan (1981) en el condicionamiento de parpadeo en conejos.
The Wikimedia Foundation said it was contacted on March 4 by the DCRI, which said the article on the French language Wikipedia "contains classified military information and that publication of such information violates the French penal code".
Why did the DCRI only learn of Merah in the fall of 2010?
93Merah was in contact with an intelligence official working for the DCRI, which makes me think.
DCRI head Bernard Squarcini told the daily Le Monde on Friday that there was no evidence Merah belonged to any radical Islamist network and that he appeared to have turned fanatic alone.
Although Merah has a criminal record in France, police echoed the DCRI by saying that nothing suggested to them that he was about to mount an attack.
DCRI spy agency boss Bernard Squarcini was charged Monday with violating confidential correspondence, illegally collecting data and violating the confidentiality of sources of a journalist with the daily Le Monde.
It was reported that in the interview, Besson acknowledged that his company made a mistake when it didn't immediately contact the French intelligence agency DCRI prior to firing the three employees.
The second stage includes successful incorporation and use of risk algorithms developed by the Society and DCRI.
The DCRI and SAS share the goal of greater transparency and openness in research to improve patient care to find new ways to treat heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States.
Francis Cuss, MB BChir, FRCP, executive vice president and chief scientific officer at Bristol-Myers Squibb, said, 'Bristol-Myers Squibb's collaboration with DCRI reflects our commitment to providing broader, more timely access to important clinical trial information and serves as a catalyst to strengthening public confidence in medicines, advancing science and improving public health.