DCRNDemographic Change Regions Network (est. 2006; Brussels, Belgium)
DCRNDelaware Conflict Resolution Network (Newark, DE)
DCRNDevon Community Recycling Network (Chagford, Devon, England, UK)
DCRNDisability Community Resource Network (Canada)
DCRNDelayed Cerebral Radiation Necrosis
DCRNDashpot Cup Retention Nut
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Spectrum efficiency is the ultimate objective in DCRNs. To this end, many studies have been conducted.
It is well known that this approach is suitable for hybrid protocols in DCRNs. In O-MAC [15] and MC-MAC [17], each SU is equipped with multiple transceivers to exchange control messages and transfer data simultaneously, while a single transceiver is deployed in OMC-MAC [16].
The control packets in DCRNs are transferred in the ATIM windows, whereas the data packets are transferred in the data windows.