DCRSIDigital Cassette Recording System - Improved
DCRSIDigital Cassette Recorder System Incremental
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A standard DCRsi data interface is provided for compatibility with existing installations and a dubbing facility allows data to be transferred straight to the company's wide range of mass storage DIS/DST mass-sto rage devices, tape libraries and computer interfaces.
For example, Ampex offers its FASTdisk RAID-3 recorders as a direct replacement for its DCRsi digital cartridge tape recorder.
Owners of later-generation DCRsi and ID-1 systems can perhaps afford to take a longer-term view, and it is anticipated that sales of these units will continue for the foreseeable future.
FastDisk amied principally at high- speed instrumentation applications or as a flexible front-end to Ampex's DCRsi digital cartridge recorders.
(Redwood City, CA) employs another approach to increasing the data density on a magnetic tape in its Digital Cassette Recording System (DCRSi).