DCSADependent Care Spending Account
DCSADefence Communications Services Agency (UK)
DCSADynamic Channel Selection and Allocation
DCSADaimlerChrysler South Africa
DCSADural Sac Cross-Sectional Area
DCSADefense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (US DoD)
DCSADistinguished Chapter Service Award
DCSADepartment of Computer Science and Applications
DCSADefence Secondary Care Agency
DCSADirezione Centrale per i Servizi Antidroga
DCSADistinguished Civilian Service Award (US Navy)
DCSADeputy Chief of Staff for Automation (US DoD)
DCSADifferential Current Sense Amplifier
DCSADistinguished Clinical Scientist Award
DCSADouglas County Soccer Association
DCSADirector Casualty Support Administration (Canada)
DCSADePaul Community Service Association
DCSADesoto County Soccer Association
DCSADay Care Services Association
DCSADarwin College Students' Association
DCSADepartment of Civil Service Administration
DCSADallas Church Softball Association
DCSADistributed Component Software Architecture
DCSADistributed Cytoplasmic Structural Actin
DCSADenton County Sports Association, Inc. (Denton, TX, USA)
DCSADevelopment Consultants of South Africa
DCSADurham College Student Association
DCSADrug Control and Substance Abuse
DCSADirect Care Staff Adjustment
DCSADelta Catalytic Saudi Arabia Ltd.
DCSADoor County Soccer Association
DCSADanish Counter Strike Association (gaming clan)
DCSAData Conversion Services Association
DCSADunn County Snowmobile Association
DCSADependable Computing for Safety Critical Applications
DCSADrink Club Social Awareness (group)
DCSADyadic Cluster Search Algorithm
DCSADuck Creek Softball Association
DCSADouble-Contrast Shoulder Arthrography
DCSADistinguished Customer Service Award
DCSADeployable Communications-Computer Systems Architecture
DCSADiploma in Computer Science and Applications
DCSADestilador Colector Solar Acumulador
DCSAdeutsche Counter-Strike Allianz
DCSASeaman Apprentice, Damage Controlman Striker (Naval Rating)
DCSADesoxycorticosterone Acetate
DCSADispatching/Customer Service Application
DCSADenver Center for Sports and Academics (Denver, CO)
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The US Statement Department approved a "possible Foreign Military Sale to Morocco of continuation of sustainment support of its F-16 fleet for an estimated cost of $250.4 million," DCSA announced on June 27.The US is Morocco's largest supplier.
DCSA is a core line of effort for the Navy, and for U.S.
KEYWORDS: Aortic regurgitation, Doubly committed sub-arterial (DCSA), Ventricular septal defect.
Antioquia, Colombia Caracteristicas DSSA (a) DCSA (b) +DG (c) Valor p Sexo, n (%) Masculino 6 22,2 21 77,8 Femenino 6 22,2 21 77,8 100 Total 12 22,2 42 77,8 Edad (anos) Mediana (Rango) 14 (2-59) 19,5 (1-89) 0,211 Grupos de edad n (%) <15 anos 8 33,3 16 66,7 0,079 [mayor que o igual 4 13,3 26 86,7 a] 15 anos Tipo de infeccion, n (%) Primaria 2 7,1 26 92,9 0,008 Secundaria 10 38,5 16 61,5 Caracteristicas Total n=54 Valor p Sexo, n (%) Masculino 27 50,0 Femenino 27 50,0 0,847 Total 54 100,0 Edad (anos) Mediana (Rango) 18 (1-89) Grupos de edad n (%) <15 anos 24 44,4 0,335 [mayor que o igual 30 55,6 a] 15 anos Tipo de infeccion, n (%) Primaria 28 51,9 0,847 Secundaria 26 48,1 (a) Dengue sin signos de alarma.
(8) VSD were classified as perimembranous, muscular, Doubly Committed Subarterial (DCSA), and inlet VSD according to Soto's classification.
The MC-DCA, DCSA, GB-DFR, and GB-SCA schemes show convex graphs because the SINR of FUEs increases but the number of subchannels per FAP cluster decreases (since Y increases) as [[GAMMA].sub.th] increases.
Specific missions involve EOD emergency response; very important person protection support activity; the defense CBRN response force; DCSA; defense support of civilian law enforcement agencies (ranging from bomb disposal in civilian communities to the packaging and movement of recovered chemical warfare materiel); the ground collection task force for the national technical nuclear forensics mission, led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and other special missions with recall windows ranging from 4 hours to 2 weeks.
In June 2014, DEA and the Italian Central Directorate for Anti-Drug Services (DCSA) co-hosted the 31st International Drug Enforcement Conference (IDEC) in Rome on the "Development of Global Strategies Aimed at Dismantling the Financial Infrastructure of Drug Trafficking and Transnational Organized Crime Networks."
WASHINGTON -- The new year began with the implementation of new rules designed to make it easier to track prescription drugs throughout the nation's supply chain, but the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) has appealed to the Food and Drug Administration to show leniency if some supply chain players are not compliant in the early days of the Drug Chain Security Act's (DCSA's) enforcement.
Definicion de la forma clinica del dengue: acorde a los criterios establecidos por la OMS 2009, se determino dengue sin signos de alarma (DSSA), dengue con signos de alarma (DCSA) y dengue grave (DG).
Those dismissed included Toufik's right-hand man and head of the Central Directorate for Army Security (DCSA), Maj.
The typical approval process for DCSA involves a Request for Forces