DCSEADeKalb County Special Education Association (Illinois)
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Email : dcsea.resp-achat-invest.fct@ibntradef.gouv.fr
supply of the army gasoline service in windshield washer fluid xs-762 in accordance with the specification dcsea 617 / c, Up to date with its latest amendments and subject to approval by the central directorate of the department of armed forces (dcsea).
Contract notice: supply of army essence service in xs-87 multipurpose industrial cleaner, dcsea 620 specification
Supply of the army essence service (sea) as xs-87 multipurpose industrial cleaner, compliant with dcsea 620 specification.
Contract notice: military firearms service supply of c-610, c-632, c-634 and c-638 anti-corrosion products to dcsea specification 510, 532, 534 and mil-prf-8188d
description of the procurement: Supply of sea cleaning and maintenance solvent for delicate electronic and electrical equipment xs-772, In accordance with the stm 611 / b specification and subject to the prior approval of the dcsea
Contract notice: Supply of sea in windshield washer fluid xs-762 compliant with specification and subject to prior approval by dcsea