DCSMDual Channel Stereo Mixer
DCSMDirector of Casualty Support Management (Canada)
DCSMDiscovery Center Science Museum (Colorado)
DCSMDesign and Construction Standards Manual (Prince William County, VA)
DCSMData-Centric Security Model (data storage)
DCSMDuPage County Stormwater Management (Illinois)
DCSMDemand Control Support Model
DCSMDistributed Computer Systems Management
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Since there is still no approved antidote for sulfur mustard (SM) poisoning, clinical management of DCSM exposure on different organs of pulmonary, skin, ocular, neuro-psychiatric, immune, and cardiovascular systems are supportive and symptomatic (table 1).
As for other DCSM, management of delayed oular complications of SM (DOCS) is supportive and almost all require long-term follow-up to control the symptoms and signs such as dryness, feelings of granulation, itching, burning sensation; photophobia, tearing, ocular pain, chronic conjunctivitis; peri-limbal hyperpigmentation, corneal thinning, vascular tortuosity, limbal ischemia; corneal opacity, corneal vascularization, and corneal epithelial defect.
Various therapeutic methods for the clinical management of DCSM in Iranian veterans have been applied over the past few decades.
--A pesar de la coincidencia en parte de la nomenclatura de las empresas, manifestamos que DCSM no tiene nada que ver, ni comercialmente ni accionariamente, con el grupo espanol mencionado en la nota publicada.
Esperando que puedan poner en conocimiento de sus lectores de forma fehaciente lo anterior, aprovechamos este comunicado para insistir en el compromiso de DCSM de seguir manteniendo nuestra buena actuacion profesional frente a los clientes, asi como la responsabilidad mercantil y social a la que obliga la buena practica.
Then, it is referred to the DCSM for review on behalf of the CDS for final approval--this may also take several years.
With DCSM, the data mining algorithm developed in this research, health management personnel could benefit from the enhanced search speed and efficiency when tackling with massive amounts of data.
In view of Apriori's time-consuming computational processes, this study proposes DCSM, a new algorithm that significantly enhances Apriori's efficiency by avoiding repeated scans of the complete database.
The following example, as shown in Table 4, illustrates the deduction procedure via DCSM.
requirements consisting of the DCSL, DCSM, SWCS, and
DCSM solves that problem by actually asking customers how they were treated.
First, DCSM surveys aren't only used to measure satisfaction levels on a historical basis.