DCSODouglas County Sheriff's Office (various locations)
DCSODavidson College Symphony Orchestra (Davidson, NC)
DCSODubuque Community String Orchestra (Northeast Iowa School of Music; Dubuque, IA)
DCSODefense Communications System Organization
DCSODeputy Chief Security Officer
DCSODefense Commercial Systems Office
DCSODépartement de Chimie et Synthèse Organique (French: Department of Chemistry and Organic Synthesis)
DCSODavidson County Sheriff's Office (Nashville, TN)
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TABLE I DCSO 1000 OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS Oscillator frequency (MHz) 1000 Tuning voltage (V DC) 0 to 5 Bias voltage +10 at 30 mA (nom) (V DC) Output power (dBm) +5 (typ) Harmonic suppression (dBc) 20 (typ) Phase noise at 10 kHz 128 (typ) offset (dBc/Hz) Operating temperature ([degrees]C) -40 to 85 Size (inches) 0.
Microphonics, which are acoustic vibrations that traverse an oscillator package and its circuits, and cause changes in phase and frequency, are dealt with in the DCSOs series VCOs through innovative design topology.
In another incident, the DCSO and FBI were investigating a bank robbery that occurred in Douglas County.
In 2013, DCSO was able to develop its community relationships through a new horticulture program.
The PAWS program was established in DCSO under the programs division in 1998.
Recognizing that women with mental illness are particularly vulnerable, DCSO offers "Mind, Body, Spirit," a holistic educational program for women in the special needs pod that addresses issues of physical, mental and spiritual health.
DCSO collects approximately $45,000 in fees associated with medical care annually.
When DCSO decided to assess fees beyond work release in 1997, officials decided to approach state legislators to sponsor permissive bills that would allow further assessment of fees.
Shannon Callis, an 11-year DCSO employee, shared many of her experiences in the January/February issue of American Jails.
After working for DCSO for eight years, Callis encountered her first critical incident debriefing.
DCSO will work together with the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).
DCSO will collaborate with the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).