DCSPDirection Centrale de la Sécurité Publique (French: Central Directorate of Public Security; French National Police)
DCSPDirect Current Straight Polarity (welding)
DCSPDigital Control Signal Processor (NASA)
DCSPDefense Communications Satellite Program
DCSPDesign Controlled Spare Part
DCSPDry Cask Storage Project
DCSPDefense Communication System Plan
DCSPDigital Call Service Position
DCSPDomain Central Service Provider
DCSPDamage Control Security Patrol (US Navy)
DCSPDynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problem (mathematics)
DCSPDépartement de Communication Sociale et Publique (French: Department of Social and Public Communication; Canada)
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5% DCSP promoted growth performance, but diets supplemented with 3.
2013), we had an interest in ascertaining if DCSP supplemented in diets of broiler chickens from 1 to 21 or 1 to 42 days of age might influence selected plasma constituents of market-age broiler chickens.
5% DCSP from 1- 21 days of age followed by basal grower with no supplemental DCSP through 42 days of age, (3) DCSP-2: standard (basal starter followed by basal grower) diets supplemented with 1.
Whether representing a client in a business transaction, a real estate investment, a civil suit or the planning of an estate, the entire DCSP team shares a keen focus on providing excellent service for clients.
Such honors for DCSP and its attorneys attest to the considerable skill and experience they bring to bear on behalf of their clients.
We will describe complete and incomplete algorithms that have DCSP counterparts for each class.
Like CSP algorithms, there are also two classes of DCSP algorithms, namely inference and search algorithms.
This phase continues until the leaf agents assign themselves values given the values of all their ancestor agents in the pseudotree, at which point the DCSP is solved.
Now, as a wholly owned subsidiary, DCSP and its customers will benefit from the full support and resources of Datacard Group's entire global infrastructure.
Robertson has held numerous sales & services roles with DCSP since joining the organization in 1999.
This investment gives DCSP increased resources and capacity to successfully serve government, financial and other key customers in this rapidly expanding market.
In addition, an increased need for credible, secure government documents is expected to drive demand for highly secure ID and passport solutions, all of which DCSP is uniquely positioned to provide.