DCSSDepartment of Child Support Services
DCSSDigital Communications Satellite Subsystem
DCSSDry Cask Storage System
DCSSDefense Communications Satellite Subsystem
DCSSDigital Communications Subsystem
DCSSDigital Conferencing Switching System
DCSSDanish Civil Security Service
DCSSDefense Communications Subsystem
DCSSDeployable Combat Support System
DCSSDeKalb County School System (Georgia)
DCSSDiaconesses Croix Saint-Simon (French hospital)
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To gauge how families felt about another transition, surveys were distributed and meetings were held with representatives from DCSS and the Georgia Department of Education.
EMC says DCSS is designed for organizations of all sizes and varying degrees of IT complexity, from small companies that need automated rules-based archival to large enterprises that have embraced tiered storage to manage increasing volumes of unstructured content and escalating storage costs.
The DCSS pump will debut on selected 2006-model vehicles with production at TI Automotive facilities in Neuss and Caro.
Both Contra Costa County and the California DCSS refused to discuss the specifics of this or any other case, citing privacy regulations (though Contra Costa's Carolyn Kelly did point out that "if you don't contact us, there's nothing we can do").
Tenders are invited for Construction of LILO of 132 KV Bhilai sector-C line to proposed 220 KV S/s Borjhara and construction of 132 KV DCSS line for providing connectivity from 220 KV S/s Borjhara to 132 KV S/s Gudhiyari.
In [13], a DCSS based on SU notification protocol, namely embedded spectrally agile radio protocol for evacuation (ESCAPE), is proposed to disseminate the evacuation information among the local SUs.
The event was announced at a press conference attended by Thani Juma Berregad, DCSS president, Khalid Al Suwaidi, vice-president, Fazza Tournaments Office, Majid Al Hussaini, secretary-general of the DCSS and director of the championships, and Hamad Bel Jafleh, president of the Public Relations Committee of the championships.
However, the flow path for the DCSS in most of the proposed cycles, including the Canoga Park Demonstration Plant, has the basic arrangement shown in Figure 5.
In addition, at a minimum, DCSS should review (the center's) cost allocations that have been made in the past and attempt to correct any overbillings that may have occurred due to erroneous time allocations.
Citing an IMF study on fuel subsidy, the DCSS said that Saudi Arabia ranked third on the Arab level and the world's fourth in 2015, with per capita of USD 3,395, followed by Bahrain, USD 3,224, and the UAE, USD 3,022.
Tenders are invited for Supply of all materials and complete construction of 132kV DCSS 2 phase 2 wire transmission lines for Railway Traction Substations Niwadi & Harpalpur with complete construction of corresponding 132kV Feeder bays at MPPTCL substations on total turn-key basis.