DCTNDon't Cut the Negative
DCTNDefense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DCTNDefense Commercial Telephone Network
DCTNDevon and Cornwall Training Network (UK)
DCTNDermatology Clinical Trial Network (UK)
DCTNDelay Closing Time Notification
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cajucara terpenes (DCTN, CTN and AAA) obtained from the bark of this Croton species, against promastigotes, axenic and intracellular amastigotes of Leishmania amazonensis.
According to the previously reported methodologies fractions B and C after submission to chromatography on a silica gel column eluted with mixtures of hexane-C[H.sub.2][Cl.sub.2]-MeOH with increasing polarity give the terpenes AAA (0.06%), CTN (0.02%) and the major DCTN (0.7%).
The chambers were washed, and the monolayers were incubated with DCTN for further 24, 48 and 72 h.
The ability of terpenes (AAA, DCTN and CTN) to inhibit TryR activity was assessed using the equivalent of 1 mg/ml of soluble protein fraction.
cajucara clerodane diterpenes DCTN, CTN and triterpene AAA were evaluated for anti-leishmanial effects against L amazonensis.
Thus, after these promising results, the cytotoxicity and activity of nor-clerodane diterpene DCTN against amastigotes was evaluated in mouse peritoneal macrophage cells.
Thus, in the present study we evaluated the effect of DCTN, CTN and AAA on the trypanothione reductase of L.
DCTN clerodane diterpene presented the best profile against promastigotes, axenic amastigotes and intracellular amastigotes; furthermore, this diterpene did not present macrophage toxicity up to the assayed concentration.
To accommodate AFIT's requirements for a DL network similar to NTU, however, the Center requested that AT&T develop a satellite-based capability based on the NTU model to be placed on the DCTN contract.