DCTNDefense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DCTNDefense Commercial Telephone Network
DCTNDelay Closing Time Notification
DCTNDermatology Clinical Trial Network (UK)
DCTNDevon and Cornwall Training Network (UK)
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The chambers were washed, and the monolayers were incubated with DCTN for further 24, 48 and 72 h.
The ability of terpenes (AAA, DCTN and CTN) to inhibit TryR activity was assessed using the equivalent of 1 mg/ml of soluble protein fraction.
Promastigotes showed a higher sensitivity to clerodane diterpene DCTN with [IC.
Thus, after these promising results, the cytotoxicity and activity of nor-clerodane diterpene DCTN against amastigotes was evaluated in mouse peritoneal macrophage cells.
01) when compared to control and to control with addition of the substrate trypanothione; however, the terpene DCTN was more effective.