DCTRDouglas County Trail Riders, Inc. (est. 1954)
DCTRDeputy Customer Technical Representative (US Navy)
DCTRDelay Closing Time Request
DCTRDivision of Controlled Thermonuclear Research (Atomic Energy Commission)
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In Table 1, the detection accuracies of the four different steganalysis methods with DCTR feature are presented for the three content-adaptive JPEG steganography schemes with quality factors 75 and 95.
E] of the different steganalysis methods with DCTR feature QF=75 Steg Payload EC LCLSMR FSBEL FSBPEL 0.
99) Westlaw search of SCT, CTAR, and DCTR databases through December 31, 2011.
In a significant proportion of patients in Groups 2 and 3 the DCTR was less than 5 years.
Type of Rx received vs leprosy class on relapse vs range of DCTR Range of DCTR in relation to leprosy class on relapse 2-5 yrs Type of Rx received Total no.
Ja com relacao as variaveis DCTR e no RCQ e C, estatisticamente so existe significancia da faixa de idade 15-16 para a faixa 11-12, onde houve um pequeno aumento.
x] 18,87 [+ or -] 2,90 19,00 [+ or -] 2,82 [+ or -] DP a a Teste * DCTR [bar.
In this section, the steganalysis featue extracted by the selected 68 2D Gabor filters is compared with the four latest steganalysis features such as CC-JRM, DCTR, PHARM and GH for three content-adaptive JPEG steganography.
OOB] of CC-JRM, DCTR, PHARM, GH and the proposed steganalysis features are 28.
For example, in contrast to CC-JRM, DCTR, PHARM and GH, the [E.