DCTTData Control Transponder Technology (Netherlands)
DCTTDamage Control Training Team
DCTTDudley Canal and Tunnel Trust (UK)
DCTTDivision of Computer Technology and Training (University of Baltimore)
DCTTDavid Curtis Technology Trust (UK)
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Combinaciones Digital Competence "and" Teacher Training (en adelante DCTT) Digital Skills "and" Teacher Training (en adelante DSTT) Digital Competence "and" Higher Education (en adelante DCHE) Digital Skills "and" Higher Education (en adelante DSHE) Aparicion de los Titulo, resumen, palabras clave o cuerpo tesauros de texto completo.
Catering Retail and Leisure services Cleaning services Refuse and Waste-related Management services Pest Control services Tailoring services Recreational, Cultural and Sporting services Reception services Administration services Stores Management and Administration services, Management and Administration of Stores, Hotel and Restaurant services Hotel meeting and conference services, Travel Agencies services Supporting and Auxiliary Transport services Motor Transport and Driver services Miscellaneous business-related services, The Contracting Authority is seeking a contractor to deliver these and general support services to MoD Lyneham during its transition to the new Defence College of Technical Training (DCTT).
In fact, the first time it happened was during my turnover week, while assuming command, when one of my DCTT members, a BM2, reminded me that I needed to wear hearing protection while in the vicinity of the SCBA refilling station.
While detailed information on any potential moves and associated users is currently restricted due to the sensitivity of this information, RAF Cosford's future role within the Defence College of Technical Training (DCTT) is expected to generate about an additional 1,500 staff and students using the existing site, although this number could potentially increase even further."