DCTVDigital Color Television
DCTVDigital Composite Television
DCTVDowntown Community Television Center (est. 1972)
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This partnership with DCTV affirms NYC Media's determination to tell the story of our city and the people who "make it here" - especially our talented youth.
In September 1999, Wehco told TVN and DCTV that they weren't living up to their agreement.
It is suing TVN and DCTV for the missed payments and wants an unspecified amount to cover damages, court costs and attorney's fees.
Expanding upon F5's leadership in technical community video blogging, DCTV is now syndicated through iTunes and Yahoo
DCTV videos are added weekly, including interviews, code reviews, and whiteboard discussions, and can be viewed from DevCentral or downloaded now via iTunes and Yahoo
DCTV offers unique youth and community programs that extend the tools of television and electronic media production to a broad and diverse set of artists.
Over the past 30 years DCTV has taught the essentials of television production to over 50,000 students, most of them members of low-income and minority communities.
Launching their association, Recovery Network and DCTV co-produced a live television program entitled "Healing our Community," which initially aired on Monday, June 28 at 12:00 P.
It is a pleasure to work with an organization like DCTV, which understands the needs of its community and delivers meaningful solutions and comfort to those seeking help or counseling.
11, 1999--Recovery Network (Nasdaq:RNET) and Denver Community Television (DCTV) recently announced an agreement to launch Recovery Network's cable television programming on DCTV Channel 55 on TCI in Denver on March 5, 1999.
In a major development for newly launched Digital Cable Television (DCTV), now being demonstrated for media and industry representatives at the Western Cable Show, TVN Entertainment's president and CEO, Stuart Levin announced that TVN has forged a strategic alliance with TV/COM, a subsidiary of Hyundai Electronics America (HEA), to manufacture digital set-top cable converters (DCTV Set-Tops), which will receive, decode and decompress TVN's digital pay-per-view (PPV) programming delivered to consumers in DCTV affiliated cable systems nationwide.
The first DCTV delivery system will be beta tested in the week of Dec.