DCUSDistrict Courts of the United States
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Furthermore, other buses such as FlexRay and Ethernet have to be taken into account, especially for DCUs in domain-oriented E/E architectures.
India, June 10 -- After acquiring ZIV, CG, has been a key provider of smart meters and an important player in the global smart grid market - where it offers ZIV meters, Data Concentrator Units (DCU) and Distribution Automation Solutions (DAS).
The Loea radios enabled us to make a standard Windows network, which simplified the approach to building the application and transferring data from the DCUs to the central database.
The character and leadership that goes with the commission doesn't come off with the BDUs or DCUs at the end of the day.
The plans for each of the 29 District Commands were published at a reception in Bangor, Co Down, where the North Down DCU has enjoyed a reduction in crime of almost 16 per cent and a clearance rate of 31 per cent.
GCSS-modified would have fixed these Iraqi Freedom logistics problems by giving the TRANSCOM Commander, as the designated GCSS strategic C2 node owner, worldwide visibility of DCUs and JSLIST within the DoD enterprise.
AS my unit recently prepared to deploy to Afghanistan, we encountered trouble getting DCUs issued due to the recent high demand.
When I had some time to think about it later, it was pretty dumb of me to try and play basketball in my desert combat boots and desert cammies (DCUs).
The DCI system includes distributed control units (DCUs) which are powerful microprocessor-based multi-loop control modules.
Ulster Unionist Assembly member Michael Copeland was responding to signals from the police that it was looking to cut the number of DCUs from 29 to 12 to free up resources.
It consisted of three overhangs, to be installed over the inbound lanes at three gates, and required SF personnel to wear Desert Camouflage Uniforms (DCUs).