DCVDry Creek Valley (California)
DCVDouble Check Valve
DCVDense Core Vesicle (cell population classification)
DCVDestination Coded Vehicle (airport baggage handling)
DCVDirect Current Volts
DCVDefense Combat Value
DCVDouble-Concave Lens
DCVDirection du Coût des Ventes (French: Directorate of Cost of Sales)
DCVDepósito Central de Valores SA (Chile national securities depository)
DCVDocument Control Voucher (banking & finance)
DCVDesign Configuration and Verification
DCVDrum Circle Vibe (Deltona, FL)
DCVDomain Control Validation
DCVDefenders Council of Vermont
DCVDiffusion Chaussures et Vêtements (French: Shoes and Clothing Distribution)
DCVDemand Controlled Ventilation (HVAC)
DCVDirectional Control Valve
DCVDress Code Violation
DCVDélégué Commercial Virtuel (French: Virtual Trade Commissioner; Canada)
DCVData Center Virtualization
DCVDisney Club Vacances (French: Disney Vacation Club)
DCVDelta Club Valais (Swiss hang gliding club)
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The six startups that gave presentations were DCV Technology Inc.
IBM's DCV enhances the graphical user interface and enables remote access to various software applications in a variety of disciplines.
Exhibit 1 highlights the sequence of major events during the DCV initiative.
We also look forward to her guidance on best practices that support the largest depository and market infrastructure in the world," said Fernando YaSez, DCV Chief Executive Officer.
As the first step of DCV in an animal facility, we installed advanced VAV system, which provides user-friendly operation and accurate control of ventilation rates and pressurization.
DCV, which was created in the late 1990s, already has received some encouraging news.
An increase of 50% in overall gains results in approximately a 5% increase in energy consumption in the calibrated model, or more than 10% in the DCV model.
This is a breakthrough application for our intelligent DCV technology and is already attracting the attention of other airports in China.
Kate James, events coordinator for DCV, said: "The pressure is now on us to select just 10 stories.
The CDS 300 combined with our Green DCV system positions Cemtrex to effectively address growing market needs for energy efficiency products," said Saagar Govil, Cemtrex's Product Manager for the Energy Efficiency Product line.
Most DCV strategies are based on flow rate per person, which may not necessary comply with the new ventilation requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62.