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DCVGDirect Current Voltage Gradient (cathodic protection systems)
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ACVG is similar to DCVG with the exception that the applied current is an alternating signal.
By using of locating method of insulation defects, is preventing the occurring of accidental corrosion and in this case prevention of natural gases (hydrocarbons) leakages from the pipeline, in the environment through DCVG method.
Concentrations of DCA, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), DCVG, and DCVC in mouse serum were determined as detailed by Bradford et al.
The DCVG survey utilizes the pipeline's existing CP system to accurately locate defects along the pipeline by measuring the voltage gradients in the soil caused by the flow of the CP current at these defects.
The first stable product of the conjugation of TCE is DCVG, which is subsequently processed to DCVC.
Field technical services include specialized surveys such as soil resistivity, pipe-to-soil potential, close interval coating evaluation (DCVG and ACVG), current requirement and interference tests.
* For field surveys, sub-networks models are in use at the pre-assessment stage of DCVG campaigns.
In this project, Pipeline Current Mapper (PCM), Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG), and Close Interval Survey (CIS) were three applicable indirect assessment tools for collecting data for thorough analysis on the cathodic protection (CP) of certain sections of the 20- and 24-inch transmission pipelines.
* Current data provides DCVG information in the same survey.