DCWLDuplin County Dorothy Wightman Library (Kenansville, NC)
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DCWL aloe vera-fed rats were equivalent to control rats in behavior.
Hematologic analyses showed that no parameter assessed in rats fed with the DCWL aloe vera differed significantly from the respective control group (Table 6).
In this study, we sought to determine if oral administration of concentrated levels of a commercially available DCWL aloe juice, Lily of the Desert Filtered Whole Leaf Aloe vera Juice with Aloesorb, produced genotoxicity in vitro, acute/subacute toxicity in mice or subchronic toxicity in rats.
Rats fed DCWL aloe vera juice over 13 weeks also displayed no adverse signs.
Our data obtained using a DCWL aloe vera juice contrast with these previous results.
In summary, after assessing a DCWL aloe beverage for both genetic and in vivo toxicity, we found no adverse effects associated with high intake of aloe at acute or subchronic periods.
Abbreviations RBC: Red blood cell count Hb: Hemoglobin HCT: Hematocrit MCV: Mean corpuscular volume MCH: Mean corpuscular hemoglobin WBC: Total white blood cell count RDW: Red blood cell distribution width MCHC: Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration PCV: Packed cell volume ALT: Alanine aminotransferase activity ALP: Alkaline phosphatase activity CK: Creatine kinase TBIL: Total bilirubin BUN: Blood urea nitrogen PPM: Parts per million DCWL: Decolorized whole leaf 2-AA: 2-aminoanthracene 4NQO: 4-Nitroquinoline 1-oxide.