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DCXDoublecortin (genes)
DCXDesert Combat Extended (gaming)
DCXDaimlerChrysler Ag (stock symbol)
DCXData Compression
DCXDaimler Chrysler Ag
DCXDiesel Comprex
DCXDecrement Register Pair
DCXDixie Chicks (American country rock band)
DCXDirection and Control Exercise
DCXMultipage PCX (file extension/format)
DCXDouble Convex
DCXDialog Control Extension
DCXDivision Capstone Exercise (US Army)
DCXDouble Charge Exchange
DCXDelta Clipper Experimental (rocket)
DCXDirect Current Experiment
DCXMultipage Zsoft Paintbrush (filename extension)
DCXDivision Communications Exercise
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The folks at DCX weren't shocked that it got attention.
Emerson offers the Branson DCX series of compact ultrasonic welding power supplies specifically designed for the demands of the textile industry.
Tissue was then processed free-floating using immunofluorescence techniques for DCX. Sections were incubated in goat anti-doublecortin (1 : 50, Santa Cruz) overnight at room temperature, followed by washes in PBS and incubation in Alexa Fluor 594 conjugated donkey anti-goat (1 : 200, Life Technologies) for 3 hrs at room temperature in the dark.
Caption: Figure 4: Immunohistochemistry for doublecortin (DCX) in the dentate gyrus of sedentary and exercise mice of 9 different strains (a).
The DCX gene affects the ability of neurons to migrate, but also plays a much greater, broader role in brain development.
Bulgular: Mikrodalga yontemi kullanilarak yapilan gomme oncesi DCX isaretlemesi hem isik hem de elektron mikroskopik (EM) duzeyde spesifik olarak gosterildi.
Changes in 5-bromodeoxyuridine-(BrdU-) DCX double expression are analyzed using immunohistochemistry to investigate the relationship between DCX-associated neurogenesis and the formation of cerebral contusions and cognitive dysfunction in rats treated with and without etanercept.
The DCX series accommodates this with programmable starting ramp times--an industry first, according to Frantz.
NaviSite said that it worked closely with iSentry to create a secure, compliant cloud-based environment for DCX. MCS allows iSentry to deploy its on-demand DCX solution quickly, without incurring the high costs and delays associated with infrastructure build-out.
The new modules are an eight-port 10G Ethernet blade for the MLX and a 64-port 8Gbps FibreChannel card for Brocade's DCX SAN switch.
Summary: BrocadeEeA (Nasdaq: BRCD) today unveiled three new blades designed to seamlessly integrate into its two flagship platforms, the Brocade NetIron MLX Series and the Brocade DCX Backbone.