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DCXDaimlerChrysler Ag (stock symbol)
DCXDixie Chicks (American country rock band)
DCXMultipage PCX (file extension/format)
DCXDouble Convex
DCXDivision Capstone Exercise (US Army)
DCXDouble Charge Exchange
DCXDelta Clipper Experimental (rocket)
DCXDirect Current Experiment
DCXDivision Communications Exercise
DCXMultipage Zsoft Paintbrush (filename extension)
DCXDialog Control Xtension
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A more personalized DCX and strategic financial guidance to help reach financial goals is a must for Explorers.
Combining scalable technology and closed loop amplitude control, to provide enhanced performance, control and durability, the Branson DCX series puts forward the highest output/per unit volume ratio of any ultrasonic power supply.
Sonuc: Calismamizda, mikrodalga kullanilarak yapilan gomme oncesi immun-elektron yontemi ile DG bolgesinde DCX varliginin belirlenebildigini gosterdik.
The DCX series accommodates this with programmable starting ramp times--an industry first, according to Frantz.
The ability to dynamically define and create load-balanced clusters of cloned DCX servers in a SAS70 environment allows the company to add capacity to its SaaS-based DCX environments to meet demand.
The 64-port 8Gbps DCX blade support wire-speed performance simultaneously on all ports, Brocade says.
The vice president, Distribution and Reservation Services for Carlson, Christine Brosnahan, said, 'Enabling Sabre's DCX provides us the ability to more effectively and efficiently communicate with the global travel agency community.
The Connectrix DCX family now features critical security and encryption capabilities from RSA(R), the Security Division of EMC, which can help customers meet regulatory compliance requirements.
The Brocade DCX Backbone family was designed to address the data growth and application demands of evolving enterprise data centers.
DCX engineers focused on optimizing the combustion process of the OM 642 engine to reduce harmful emissions as much as possible through the use of electronic engine controls, four-valve engine design, third-generate common-rail direct injection via piezo injectors, variable geometry turbochargers and exhaust gas recirculation.
The Amendments can be summarised as followsp Prospective investors can self-certify themselves as 'high net worth' or 'sophisticated' investorsp Companies and their advisors can send out business plan supported private equity funding opportunities provided they are requested and are sent in the 'reasonable belief' that the recipient is a high net worth or sophisticated investorp The business plan must carry a warning prescribed by the Amendments as the very first page DCX, as the only early-stage and pre-IPO investment newswire, was the first to incorporate these Amendments into its operations.
DaimlerChrysler, or DCX for those suffering from terminal Wall Street hip announced: a) it was getting rid of its PowerSystems group and folding it back into its Commercial Vehicle ops; and b) going to build its trucks with only DCX diesels and DCX axles and DCX transmissions (where possible).