DCYSCDiscovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge (National Park Foundation)
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The leaping-flame experiment, for example, helped show DCYSC participants the relationship between temperature, pressure, and wildfires.
At the end of the week, DCYSC participants were exhausted, exhilarated, and inspired to make the world a greener place.
As Bryce Melton, another DCYSC finalist, found during his study of different sunblocks: It helps to organize your data into graphs (see The Scoop on Sunscreen, p.
Nolan's work earned him a spot at last fall's DCYSC.
Last year's DCYSC took place at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Md.
Entrants to the DCYSC compete to become one of 400 semifinalists who each receive a $25 Discovery gift certificate and a certificate of recognition.
The "Final Forty" will be selected from 400 semifinalists and will advance to the DCYSC National Competition in October of 2004 in Washington, D.
We try to deal with issues in the news," says Steve "Jake" Jacobs, head DCYSC judge.
DCYSC involved more than challenges, dinners, meeting people, and having fun.
Both DCYSC and ISEF are organized by Science Service, a nonprofit organization that publishes Science News magazine and Science News for Kids.
Because she had won an award in 2003, Erica wasn't eligible to enter DCYSC in 2004.
The final forty will be selected from the 400 semifinalist to advance to the DCYSC National Competition, October 18-22, in Washington DC.