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DDADisability Discrimination Act (1995, UK)
DDADowntown Development Authority
DDADelhi Development Authority
DDADoha Development Agenda
DDADeputy District Attorney
DDADemand Deposit Account
DDADepartment for Disarmament Affairs
DDADomain Defined Attribute
DDADelaware Department of Agriculture
DDADirection Départementale de l'Agriculture (French: Departmental Directorate of Agriculture)
DDADetroit Diesel-Allison
DDADon't do Anything (Map Style for N, Computer Game)
DDADutch Direct Auction
DDADigital Differential Analyzer
DDADiscrete Dipole Approximation
DDADog Day Afternoon
DDADefence Diversification Agency (UK)
DDADistributed Data Access
DDADeutsche Dermatologische Akademie (German: German Academy of Dermatology)
DDADirect Deposit Advance (Wells Fargo)
DDADeputy Director for Administration (CIA)
DDADigital Development Agency
DDADangerous Drug Act
DDADeath with Dignity Act
DDADemons Dance Alone (Residents album)
DDADynamic Drainage Analyser
DDAData Directed Analysis (mass spectrometry)
DDADeadlock Detection Algorithm
DDADesignated Disposition Authority (US DoD)
DDADramatic Duet Acting
DDADividend Disbursing Agent (finance)
DDADurst Dice America
DDADetailed Damage Assessment (American Red Cross)
DDADirect Digital Access
DDADigital/Digital/Analog (audio CD format, recording/mixing/mastering)
DDADumbing-Down of America
DDADefined Display Area (ITU-T)
DDADeposit Demand Account
DDADirect Deposit Advice
DDADirector Defence Analysis
DDADisabled Drummers Association
DDADodecane Dioic Acid
DDADirect Duty Assignment (US Air Force)
DDADesignated Development Activity (US DoD)
DDADigital Dynamic Astigmatism (LSD)
DDADisk Drive Assembly
DDAdocument description architecture
DDADerived Decision Altitude (aviation)
DDADesign Development Activity
DDADenver Developmental Activities (Denver Developmental Materials, Inc.)
DDADeployment Drive Assembly
DDAData Driven Application
DDADigital Drive Amplifier (MSR)
DDADevelopmental Disabilities Act of 1984
DDADivision Design Analysis
DDADesktop Data Access
DDADrowsy Driver Alert (Volvo)
DDADental Dealers Association
DDADefence Dental Association (UK)
DDADirectorate of Documentation & Attestation (Oman)
DDADoubly Dynamic Addressing (Tolly/Kebab)
DDADefense Data Access: Mid Tier Application
DDADaredevils of Aspen (band)
DDADevelopmental Disabilities Aide
DDADynamic Design Ahmad
DDADominique Danjou Automobiles (French automotive repair company)
DDADroits des Animaux (French: Animal Rights)
DDADynamic Digital Advertising
DDADéclaration des Droits d'Auteur (French: Declaration of Copyright; Canada)
DDADépartement des Droits Audiovisuels (French: Department of Audiovisual Rights)
DDADirect Debit Authorization (banking)
DDADistrict Development Authority
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For the first time, the DDA will offer deluxe flats with all modern amenities like swimming pools, spa, medical facilities and uninterrupted power and water supply.
DDA vice- chairman Balvinder Kumar said: " The rules pertaining to allotment of plots permit us to charge the beneficiaries at existing rates.
To ensure transparency, the DDA has arranged live online streaming of the draw.
In the meantime, DDA designated 45 of these flats as the authority's staff quarters while it allotted 60 flats to the Delhi government.
In another major decision, the DDA approved modifications in the Master Plan 2021 to increase ground coverage and FAR in plots measuring 750 sq.
A study conducted by National Productivity Council has recommended rationalisation of the "vertical command structure" within the DDA and certain non- critical and non- technical operation to be outsourced.
For the first time, the DDA has also decided to do away with attachments along with the application forms; only a photocopy of an applicant's PAN card would suffice for the new one- page form, Kumar said.
These land mafias, in connivance with corrupt DDA officials and staff of the Delhi police, grab such vacant land and then raise unauthorised constructions.
We direct the DDA to issue letters of allotment to successful registrants within four months," said a bench headed by Justice H.
DDA MediaTek is the new-media affiliate of Dennis Davidson Associates (DDA), the leading independent entertainment public relations firm based in London with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Cannes, and Sydney.
The water from the bore wells will be diverted to residents for consumption," a DDA official said.
Reacting to AAP government's allegation, the DDA on Wednesday said that plot of DDU Marg belonged to the Land and Development Office ( L& DO) and the land was allotted to Delhi BJP on November 27, 2014.