DDAADeficit des Annees Anterieures (French: Deficit of Previous Years; band)
DDAADevelopment District Association of Appalachia (Appalachian Regional Commission)
DDAADefense Distribution Depot Anniston Alabama
DDAADeputy District Attorneys' Association (California)
DDAADecision Driven Adaptive Algorithm
DDAADavid Douglas Arthur Academy
DDAADunamis Degree Accreditation Association (South Africa)
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Desde Rectorado se convoca una reunion para presentar el nuevo Sistema de Direccion y Desarrollo Docente a los profesores de las DDAA que participan en el proceso.
43) However, besides a brief discussion of whether the case was moot in light of Congress's recent passage of the DDAA, the court declined to address the substantive remedial issue of the land transfer.
DDAA increased the transdermal permeation of a number of drugs, like propranolol hydrochloride and timolol maleate.