DDAPDigital Distribution of Advertising for Publications
DDAPDetention Diversion Advocacy Project
DDAPDairy Disaster Assistance Program (USDA)
DDAPDiscovery Data Analysis Program (NASA)
DDAPDomestic Demonstration and Application Program
DDAPDirect Distressed Asset Purchase
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The DDAP addressed this by establishing a set time frame of 6 to 9 months from start of the work-up to the surgery, and the provision of a choice in the date of surgery.
The development of the DDAP in Western Australia included the coordination of tests in regional centers for persons living long distances from the transplant hospital.
One of the aspects of the DDAP that has been introduced is the use of previous donors as a potential source of information and support.
This bill will allow DDAP to regulate and license recovery homes, which are residences specifically for people in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction.
Recovery homes can be a supportive, drug-and-alcohol-free environment for Pennsylvanians in recovery, but without proper oversight, they can also become unsafe, said DDAP Acting Secretary Jennifer Smith.
Recovery homes can be a safe and productive space for individuals in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, Acting DDAP Secretary Jennifer Smith said.
The DDAP (Digital Distribution of Advertising for Publications) Association is a leading graphic arts industry group charged with promoting "Universal Exchange of Digital Advertising through Open Process Integration and Accredited Standards.
The four-day event begins Wednesday, February 28th and will focus on "Redefining Your Delivery," featuring new tips and techniques for streamlining digital ad workflow, highlighting processes developed and refined by various DDAP initiatives.
DDAP notes that callers to the hotline have ranged from individuals seeking detox facilities, to those looking for a caring, knowledgeable person to help them out of a situation that might lead to a recovery relapse.
Company description: DDAP (Digital Distribution of Advertising for Publication) Association is a leading graphic arts industry group charged with promoting the digital delivery of ads to publications through the use of accredited standards in the color printing process.
DDAP achieves this goal by advocating the adoption of digital advertising in the graphic arts industry and supporting DDAP members in their transition to digital ad workflows by providing the necessary tools and documentation.
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