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DDATDe Dolfijnen Asse Ternat (Dutch: The Dolphin Asse-Ternat; swim club; Asse and Ternat, Belgium)
DDATDyslexia, Dyspraxia and Attention Treatment (UK)
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In the absence of empirical research, proponents rely heavily on testimonials, anecdotal evidence and in-house unpublished research studies (see for example, DDAT, n.
He discovered DDAT treatment after it was featured on a TV documentary series two years ago and Gabby persuaded him to try it out.
Dr Roy Rutherford, medical director at DDAT, said: 'People with dyslexia and other learning difficulties often live in a nightmare world where they have difficulty reading and writing and, in some cases, co-ordinating their movements and playing sport.
Advocates claim that DDAT, which costs up to pounds 1,500, can help solve the causes of dyslexia and other difficulties.
Wynford Dore, founder of DDAT, said: 'Our treatment is changing the lives of people like Callum.
The method,called DDAT (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Attention deficit Treatment),has been criticised as unproven and too expensive by the medical establishment.
The multi-millionaire founder of DDAT, business boss Wynford Dore, has rubbished the criticism and says he has thousands of satisfied customers.
Progress in reading increased by more than three times and progress in writing increased by 17 times in the same children after they had gone through the DDAT programme.
Feeling they had nothing to lose, the Taggarts contacted the DDAT centre offering the treatment.
Mrs Gilder said that Josh's spelling, prior to attending the Cardiff DDAT centre, was 'atrocious'.
Initially my dyslexia was an issue as I found it hard to concentrate and my maths and English were poor, but after attending the DDAT Dyslexia Centre in Kenilworth I have been able to overcome any communication barriers and I can now work to my full capacity.