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DDC1Display Data Channel 1
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Protein function S.cerevisiae S.pombe Xenopus Mammals Sensors Rad24 Rad17 Rad17 Rad17 RFC-like Ddc1 Rad9 Rad9 Rad9 PCNA-like Mec3 Hus1 Hus1 Hus1 Rad17 Rad1 Rad1 Rad1 P13-Kinases (PIKK) Tel1 Tel1 ATM ATM Med Rad3 ATR ATR PIKK binding partner Ddc2 Rad26 ???
Perfect sense to the ratings-crazed yobbos at DDC1 (Dumbing Down Corporation), who are currently doing to our leading public broadcasting network what Mellors did to Lady Chatterley.
Nevertheless, for the sake of DDC1's Friday night ratings, Deayton will be back in the autumn, while the rest of us are supposed to develop collective amnesia.