DDC2BDisplay Data Channel Standard, Level 2B
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These standards include DDC2B (Display Data Channel 2B), EDID (Extended Display Identification Data), and VESA Plug and Play (P&D) for the electrical layer.
This self-powered KVM switch supports most displays with ADC interface and provides superior video quality of up to 1600x1024, DDC, DDC2, DDC2B, and no software installation
Opticis has replaced electrons with photons by the application of innovative Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology to design and manufacture an all-optical cable that supports DVI functions including DDC2B control signals to reach lengths of over 20 feet.
The dual, independent, DDC hardware communications modules support both analog RGB and digital DVI video inputs and are VESA DDC1 and DDC2B compliant.
The interface supports the defacto industry standard flat panel digital interface, as well as a VESA-compliant DDC2B (I2C) control interface.