DDCCDistrict Development Coordinating Committee (Zambia)
DDCCDesert Dwarf Car Club
DDCCDivision of Drug and Crime Control (Missouri)
DDCCDenver Drama Critics Circle (Colorado)
DDCCDelhi Declaration on Climate Change
DDCCDakota Dunes Country Club (est. 1991; Dakota Dunes, SD)
DDCCData Document Control Center
DDCCDamhead & District Comunity Council (UK)
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The differential difference current conveyor (DDCC), whose electrical symbol is shown in Fig.
Following award of the contract on October 2, 2017, a team of experts was selected from Grundfos ISIA, the GGD service team and DDCC, who helped oversee the job and manage the client relationship.
Some recent composite blocks yield quite useful results on signal processing applications wherein two types of basic commercially available chips are conjoined (e.g., DDCC, DVCC, and VDIBA).
[f.sub.o] Device Electronic (KHz) Reference used tunability reported [9] VOA No 160 [10] CFA Yes 80 [12] CDBA Yes 900 [11] CFOA No 159 [14] CDTA Yes 1730 [15] DDCC No 1060 [16] CCCCTA Yes 1100 [13] CDBA No 16 [17] OTA Yes 64 [18] DVCCTA Yes 348 [19] DVCCTA Yes 3183 Proposed CFA-MMCC Yes 1800 Linear tuning Reference law THD (%) [9] No No mention [10] Yes 2.0 [12] No 3.1 [11] No 3.16 [14] No 3.0 [15] No No mention [16] No 1.15~2.94 [13] No 1.94 [17] Yes No mention [18] No 4.66 [19] No No mention Proposed Yes 2.1 Frequency stability [PSI] = 1 in proposed design; also reported [PSI] = 1 in [10]; no mention of [PSI] in other references above.
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San Francisco, CA, March 02, 2013 --(PR.com)-- DDCC launches a vibrant collection of women's pullover dresses inspired by the active, San Francisco lifestyle.
At district level in Zambia, the District Development Co-ordinating Committees (DDCC) manage all HIV prevention work with young people and disburse funds to civil society and government programmes.