DDDADublin Docklands Development Authority
DDDADouble Diplôme de Droit et d'Anglais (French: Double Diploma in Law and English)
DDDADodecanedioic Acid
DDDADublin Docklands Developers Autocracy (Ireland)
DDDADemolition Derby Drivers Association
DDDADistributed Deadlock Detection Algorithm
DDDADirect Data Domain Adaptive (beamformer)
DDDADeliberate Dumbing Down of America (book by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt)
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Synthetic biology company Verdezyne reported on Wednesday the launch of an agreement for sales and distribution of its BIOLON DDDA (biobased dodecanedioic acid).
LLC (CBC), the largest marketer and distributor of specialty chemicals in the Asia-Pacific region, announced an agreement for sales and distribution of Verdezyne's BIOLON(TM) DDDA (biobased dodecanedioic acid or "DC12").
The DDDA is the owner of the development and we have strong legal advice to this effect.
The DDDA intends to anchor the Grand Canal Docks development with a cultural center, and while previous news reports had indicated that it was investigating the building of an opera house or concert hall, it now appears that the Abbey is its first-choice option for the development.
Yesterday the DDDA said it was prepared to hand over [euro]750,000 in a "formal final offer of financial support" towards the cost of the works.
The DDDA has ap- pointed Aiseanna Mara to operate the vessel as a museum dur- ing 2010, but there are no plans to make her seaworthy and recertify her as a sail training vessel.
The watchdog is questioning whether the DDDA got the best value for money during the sale and why the site was not advertised publicly.
The DDDA, its executive and its board will have to be represented at the hearings and should they indicate that a particular political decision was made that requires to be examined, well then the committee will make a decision at that stage to call in whoever that might be.
The DDDA, which has cost the taxpayer millions due to property speculation and controversial contracts, will be wound down gradually.
In 2015, construction is likely to begin and would be having the potentiality of yielding nearly 30 million pounds per year of diacids, consisting DDDA, and will be the world s first bio-based plant for the production of DDDA.
The DDDA wrote off EUR186 million of its investment in 2008 but had to write off a further EUR10million more in losses on the property in its accounts for last year.
This latest fiasco is just the latest example of the lack of oversight and inadequate planning expertise deployed by the DDDA.