DDDDDistributed Domain Driven Design
DDDDDynamic Diplomats of Double Dutch (rope skipping group)
DDDDDrive Dive Drink Diary (blog)
DDDDDigital Digest Data Design (Australia)
DDDDDigital Dharma - Delivered Daily (podcast)
DDDDDigital/Digital/Digital/Digital (audio CD format, source/recording/mixing/mastering)
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Appendix C to Subpart DDDD of Part 63--Considerations for a small-scale kiln emission testing program.
Finally, we estimate DDDD models to assess the impact of prevailing wage law repeal on the change time in differences by race and union status in the construction wage premium ([[gamma].
Subpart DDDD (Code of Federal Regulations 2004) contains some emission factors intended to be used with the low-risk option; however, they tend to be more broadly applied by state regulatory agencies.