DDDHDoomed to Death, Damned in Hell (band)
DDDHDead, Dying, Diseased or Hazardous (tree removal)
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multivorans BAA247 II 88.1 dDDH, ([double dagger]) Reference genome Genomovar formula 2 B.
Abbreviations ORFs: Open reading frames gDNA: Genomic DNA dDDH: Digital DNA-DNA hybridization KEGG: Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes COGs: Clusters of Orthologous Groups OGs: Orthologous groups TSS: Type secretion system.
The highest dDDH and ANI value between QTF5 and reference strain is far lower than the cutoff value, confirming that QTF5 belongs to a novel species within genus Pseudomonas.
The DDDH problem is as follows: given (g, [g.sup.x], [g.sup.y], [g.sub.z]), where x, y, z [member of] [Z.sub.q], decide whether z = y/x or a randomly chosen number.
The DDDH problem is weaker than DCDH, since if an adversary could solve the DCDH problem, he could solve the DDDH problem by computing [g.sup.x] to decide [g.sup.z] = [g.sup.y/x]; thus the DDDH assumption is stronger than the DCDH assumption.
Given the DDDH input (g, [g.sup.x], [g.sup.y], [g.sup.z]) where z = y/x, one submits (g, [g.sup.x], [g.sup.z], [g.sup.y]) to DDH to decide whether y = xz or a randomly chosen number.