DDDMData Driven Decision Making
DDDMDomain Driven Data Mining (Australia)
DDDMDiscrete Deterministic Data Mining (University of Virginia)
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This is precisely why gathering data for a DDDM approach is important.
Here is a sample situation to show DDDM, augmented intelligence, and human intellect working together to achieve a common goal.
If managed correctly, experts say, DDDM can also help businesses gain a competitive edge, better understand customer groups, identify new product categories, increase company revenue and improve efficiency.
Platforms such as Hadoop, an open-source programming framework that facilitates the processing and storage of extremely large data sets, as well as technology and services from the likes of Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, Domo, Datameer, Google, IBM, Microsoft and SAS, have helped to advance the DDDM trend, as have data visualization tools such as Sisense, Tibco's Spotfire, Tableau and VizaData.
This article examines how well the SPF SIG states implemented DDDM, and also explores what factors facilitated and hindered the DDDM process.
Each school program will be assessed based on this rubric created by the DDDM task force and vetted with the CTE Leadership Team.
The unveiling of the dashboard last January was a milestone in Chicago's DDDM initiative, which had begun five years earlier as an effort to modernize the critical systems--student information, human resources, payroll--of the nation's third-largest district.
Understanding DDDM and its effective implementation can assist community college leaders in meeting this expectation.
Although each has struggled with different obstacles, both have progressed beyond the initial two stages on the DDDM continuum, where issues of planning and funding are fleshed out and purposes are defined, and now reside at the middle rungs, stages 3 and 4, where data is gathered, organized, and interpreted.
DdDm 1 is located 52,000 light-years away and 34,000 light-years above the galactic plane.
While Charlotte-Mecklenburg entrusts its non-academic DDDM to one vendor, some districts take a hybrid approach and opt for multiple off-the-shelf packages.