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Results showed that 58 (55.1%) isolates were positive by DDDT and 49 (46.7%) were positive by MHT as shown in Table I.
Table I.- Percentages of positive and negative results through DDDT and MHT.
Carbapenem-resistant isolates was subjected to the detection of Metallo-beta-lactamase production by double disc diffusion test (DDDT) and Modified Hodge's test.
Out of 152, 66% of Imipenem and Meropenem resistant species were Carbapenemase producers, only 38% were confirmed positive by DDDT and 32% by MHT, which is similar (36.5%) to the study reported by Nagdeo et al.
coli isolates which were screened for ESBL production by the DDST, then confirmed by the double-disk diffusion test (DDDT) as recommended by the CLSI.
The DDDT test was used to confirm that strains were positive by DDST.
(8,10) In the present study, ESBL-producers were detected by DDST and the phenotypic DDDT confirmatory method.