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DDEDynamic Data Exchange
DDEDirection Departementale de l'Equipement
DDEDirect Data Entry
DDEDaylight Demon Eyes (auto headlights)
DDEDwight David Eisenhower (34th President of the USA)
DDEDelay Differential Equation(s)
DDEDirect Data Exchange
DDEEscort Destroyer (post-war DD conversion)
DDEDeep Dose Equivalent
DDEDepartment of Distance Education
DDEDouble Data Entry
DDEDeputy District Engineer (USACE)
DDEDevice-Dependent Error (SESR bit - GPIB)
DDEDirty Disc Error (Xbox)
DDEData Distribution Equipment
DDEDigital Definition Exchange
DDEData Dictionary Entry
DDEDirectional Derivative Estimator
DDEDuPont Dai Nippon Engineering (joint partnership between DuPont Photomasks and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.)
DDEDrug Dictionary Enhanced (Uppsala Monitoring Centre; Sweden)
DDEDaniel Displacement Engine (satellite station keeping)
DDEDesignated Doctor Evaluation
DDEDiploma in Distance Education
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In the present study, we estimated the association of DDT and its metabolite DDE with lung function using data from the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS).
The authors divided the group into ter-tiles according to DDE level.
Having DDE levels in the highest third of the range in the study increased someone's risk of Alzheimer's by a factor of four.
To re-confirm their findings, researchers exposed cultured neural cells to high levels of DDT and DDE.
Established in 2004, DDE is a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and a keen supporter of the WFDB in all its initiatives.
3) years' continuous experience with DDT in Natal, (9) where the sprayers were not required to wear protective aspirators, the mean DDE concentration was 129.
We are geared to expand our services to members by providing them with a one-stop shop for diamond trading in a highly secure and discrete environment," said Youri Steverlynck, CEO of DDE.
The DDE plans to hold rough diamond sales weeks every month, starting from August 24, Steverlynck said.
Having a backup plan to use DDE will help limit cash flow issues.
DDE will change its name and become a wholly owned DuPont subsidiary.
DuPont had previously announced in April that Dow and DuPont had executed several agreements relating to the future management of DDE.
Association between maternal serum concentration of the DDT metabolite DDE and preterm and small-for-gestational-age babies at birth.