DDEBDominant Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (aka Cockayne-Touraine disease)
DDEBDavid Duchovny Estrogen Brigade
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And I can *personally* attest to the power of DDEB vibing.
The creation of the first DDEB involved an invitation to female X-Files fans posted to Alt.
The initial response of the DDEB members was to set up DDEB2 and then DDEB3.
Since it's her job to monitor the playpen, if she says no AOL DDEB, there won't be one.
The strong reaction to having the DDEB name "usurped" was directly connected to the fact that it involved subscribers of the largest Internet service provider in the world.
However, while Erin wanted to find ways to avoid conflict and appease those who were upset with the DDEB members for not letting them join, Sonya felt that such efforts would not make any difference.
Kellie" and "Julia" are real names and have been used with their permission in reference to the founding of the original list as this information is posted on the DDEB website and is therefore accessible to anyone with Internet access.
Following Foucault, the spaces of the DDEBs can be thought of as heterotopias, which "have the potential to constitute a subversive feminist space, literally a site where women can `remember' their own gendered identities.
In light of the above, the formation of the "private" women-only spaces of the DDEBs needs to be understood, in part, as an effect of marginalization on "public" Internet fan fora, which in 1994 and 1995, were still dominated by male participants:
25) For the majority of the participants, the DDEBs were such creations.
Given that all three DDEBs have been in operation for over five years and that a number of the participants have met at least one other member IRL whom they did not know prior to joining, it is highly improbable that there were any Sanford Lewins lurking about on the lists.
Based on the data collected, I was able to confirm that the DDEBRP functioned as a heterotopia in the ways that I have mentioned in relation to the DDEBs.