DDEBDominant Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (aka Cockayne-Touraine disease)
DDEBDavid Duchovny Estrogen Brigade
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I can tell the DDEB's about it and find out that most of them fight off the same things.
Thus, when I state that the DDEB members articulate feminine identities -- perform female as it were -- for the most part, they are white, middle class feminine identities.
One might then ask, how the DDEB members can be certain that those they are interacting with on their respective lists are indeed female.
While I did not have access to the actual gender performances that took place in the context of DDEB interaction, I did have access to those on a list that I set up with 23 participants who agreed to take part in what became known as the DDEBRP (David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade Research Pro-jeer).
This single photo reminds me of why I joined the DDEB in the first place.
The terms "vibes" and "vibing" were used in reference to the DDEB practice of wishing other members luck in an endeavour.
And I can *personally* attest to the power of DDEB vibing.
The creation of the first DDEB involved an invitation to female X-Files fans posted to Alt.tv.x-files by Kellie and Julia.
The initial response of the DDEB members was to set up DDEB2 and then DDEB3.
On the other hand, some members expressed frustration with those who threatened to appropriate the name, as illustrated in the responses to a rumour that a group of America Online fans were planning to start their own DDEB:
Since it's her job to monitor the playpen, if she says no AOL DDEB, there won't be one.
The strong reaction to having the DDEB name "usurped" was directly connected to the fact that it involved subscribers of the largest Internet service provider in the world.