DDECDirection Départementale de l'Equipement des Collèges (French: Provincial Directorate of College Equipment)
DDECDirection Diocésaine de l'Enseignement Catholique (French: Diocesan Catholic Education Directorate)
DDECDetroit Diesel Electronic Controls
DDECDigital Direction Electronics Co. (South Korea)
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A delegation of more than 20 representatives from the government and healthcare and tourism sectors in Puerto Rico participated in meetings with their international peers during the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress including Ingrid Rivera; Executive Director of the Tourism Company; Francisco Chevere, Director of the Commerce and Export Company, and Francisco Bonet, Director of the recently established Corporation for Medical Tourism of Puerto Rico, which is part of the DDEC and responsible for developing infrastructure required to turn Puerto Rico into an important player in medical tourism.
Tourism is one of several key sectors that DDEC has targeted as growth opportunities to jump-start Puerto Rico's economy.
Ademas de en el DEC, esta voz es tambien recogida como canarismo en el DHEC y en el DDEC.
Your M984A2 and M984A2R1 wrecker's DDEC 4 engine wiring harness comes with NSN 6150-01-508-2487, PN 3462713, and CAGE 45152.
Engine management is provided by a DDEC 4 electronic management system, which also provides onboard diagnostics.
The DDEC strives to maintain active dialog between professional practitioners and academia so as to alert academia to the changing needs and requirements of industry.
0 L/cyl and incorporate the DDEC IV system to provide individual control to the high-pressure (25,000 psi) electronic unit injection pumps.
Young operates six of the 40Ds, four older machines with Caterpillar engines and two newer units with the Detroit Diesel DDEC engine.
The '07 engine will also include DDC's next generation electronic control system, DDEC VI.
It is equipped with the Detroit Diesel Series 60 DDEC engine.
The engines use an EGR cooler with a lightweight tube-in-shell design, a new electronic fuel injector, variable geometry turbocharger and DDEC V electronic control.
One of the main developments has been the use of the latest Detroit Diesel Series 60 DDEC engine.