DDEEDirection du Développement Économique et de l'Emploi (French: Directorate of Economic Development and Employment)
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Allman, 'Reasonable Steps': A New Role for a Familiar Concept, 14 DDEE 591 (2014) (parties that take "reasonable steps" to make compliance programs effective are entitled to benefits under the U.S.
LEADING RESULTS: 1 P Martin (Sund) 38:46; 2 C Sampson (Morp) 39:03; 3 A Wiles (NMske) 39:29; 4 M Armstrong (CovG) 39:44; 5 D Shaw (NMske) 40:01; 6 P Newton (Morp) 40:17; 7 M Dawson (Morp) 40:28; 8 L Moses (Darl) 40:44; 9 R Floyd (Morp) 40:52; 10 P Lowe (NthYkMrs) 41:00; 11 T Wall (Morp) 41:06; 12 D Garbutt (DurC) 41:09; 13 B Rushworth (Sund) 41:22; 14 I Twaddle (NSP) 41:34; 15 M Elliott (Gates) 41:44; 16 P Sanderson (Elvet) 41:52; 17 R West (Gates) 41:54; 18 J Pearson (Gates) 41:55; 19 D Swinburne (Morp) 41:57; 20 N Gunstone (Ddee) 42:01.
Seed Plant Anther coat Bristle Earhead Seed Parental line color color color length density shape N-Si-1 pp AABBCC LLrrII [L.sub.2] DDee [A.sub.r] [L.sub.2] [A.sub.r] [B.sub.r] [B.sub.r] N-Si-2 pp AABBCC llRRII [L.sub.1] DDEE [A.sub.e] [L.sub.1] [A.sub.e] [B.sub.e] [B.sub.e] N-Si-3 pp AABBCC LLrrII [L.sub.1] DDee [A.sub.e] [L.sub.1] [A.sub.e] [B.sub.e] [B.sub.e] N-Si-4 PP aabbcc LLrrii [L.sub.2] ddee [A.sub.r] [L.sub.2] [A.sub.r] [B.sub.r] [B.sub.r] N-Si-5 pp AABBcc LLrrii [L.sub.1] ddEE [A.sub.e] [L.sub.1] [A.sub.e] [B.sub.e] [B.sub.e] Red Siberian PP AABBCC llRRii [L.sub.1] DDEE [A.sub.e] [L.sub.1] [A.sub.e] [B.sub.e] [B.sub.e] Golden German PP AABBCC LLRRII [L.sub.1] ddEE [A.sub.r] [L.sub.1] [A.sub.r] [B.sub.r] [B.sub.r] References
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